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Sudoku Blocks

players games sudoku blocks

Sudoku Blocks is a challenging yet relaxing puzzle game you won’t be able to put aside. Keep the board clean by matching blocks to complete lines and squares. Improve your high score and challenge your friends.

“A good mix of skill, strategy, and luck. The graphics are well-designed and modern. Surprisingly fun.”

“Like most of these classic jewel block puzzle games, this one is excellent for special needs individuals like me with autism, as it is terrific for teaching perceptual skills. Additionally, the Sudoku blocks add an extra challenge, making the whole layout absolutely terrific. I am so proud to have this game on my very own cell phone. Do keep up the great work; this game is excellent and fun to play.”

Players Simulator

With this investment simulator (using fictitious money), learn how to invest in practice and develop your financial independence (Brazilian app stores only).

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